viagra ???

Question by justshootmeplease123: viagra ??? i have no issue with acquiring a erection welll sober but it is inpossiable for me get one properly drinking. since my intercourse life is built on liquor sad but sure should i try viagra? -any side consequences with alcoholic beverages -result in dependency or something poor please allow me [...]

Why can Viagra make a man hard ?How long does it take for a 30-year-old guy to get hard after taking Viagra?

Query by : Why can Viagra make a gentleman tough ?How long does it consider for a thirty-yr-aged male to get tough right after getting Viagra? How long can the hardness keep ? Are there any medicines which are substitutes of Viagra? Does Viagra have side outcomes? Greatest reply: Answer by lestermountThe drug operates by [...]

what is the side effect of taking pills of time plus; i.e. Viagra?

Issue by : what is the aspect influence of getting pills of time additionally i.e. Viagra? what is the side result of taking pills of time in addition i.e. Viagra? Greatest response: Solution by BarcodeVIAGRA Facet Results. All medications could lead to aspect results, but numerous individuals have no, or slight, aspect outcomes. Verify with [...]

Unwanted erections?

Query by bcbw2199: Undesirable erections? So here is the deal I am seventeen several years outdated and I have the most bueatiful girlfriend of 4 months. She is relocating to a new house with her family and we made a decision to hold out to do everything much more sexually until finally factors settle down.(correct [...]

Erection that curves?

Issue by Alex: Erection that curves? Im i middle college and my My erection curves up to where it almost touches my tummy button. Is that poor or will it go absent soon after puberty Best reply: Solution by Rene- all teenage boys goes by means of it & it truly is all part of [...]