How much Sildenafil (erectile disfunction med) should i take ?

Issue by Candyman: How significantly Sildenafil (erectile disfunction med) should i take ? I have experienced erectile problems for as prolonged as I can keep in mind… most of the time I never want something, but other instances I do simply because I can by no means get an erection with out some severe stimulation [...]


Query by confused_girl789: erections…? alright have confidence in me when i say this, my buddy thats a male wants to no this… he needs to no why men get erections every single early morning…? Very best response: Answer by .It is a side result triggered by keeping your urine

what is VIAGRA ?

Question by BLACK D: what is VIAGRA ? Greatest reply: Answer by Karl SViagra is the model title for a substance called sindenafil, arrives in tablets of 50 and one hundred miligrams, every and performs by improving a compound in the vessels that engorges the veins of your human body, nonetheless, it has a particularly [...]

What type of medicine or other method will overcome the effects of erectile dysfunction?

Question by Cory: What kind of medicine or other approach will conquer the effects of erectile dysfunction? Tonight I’m likely on a date with a woman that I really, really like and want to have a possibility with. I will not want to ruin this. I am 18, in good form, but often with women [...]