any real cure for diabetic related impotence?

Issue by michaelpc12: any genuine remedy for diabetic associated impotence?

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There are medicines these kinds of as cialis, viagra and the like that can assist you, but actually, the only “remedy” for DM associated impotence is control of the ailment. Diabetic issues causes impotence by little by little killing little peripheral nerves. This is also why numerous diabetics get rid of emotion in their ft. Yet again, the only cure is managing your diabetes.

If it is way too late for that or medication does not help, there are surgical alternatives this kind of as penis prostheses (an inflatable system implanted within your penis to produce erections) but that’s probably not what you’d like to vacation resort to.

So go to your endocrinologist, get your diabetic issues meds, drop weight, check your sugars and just take care of your condition!

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  1. The main thing you need to do is to keep your blood sugars in control. People are talking about viagra….. I dont think you have a problem getting it up, but being able to father children. The most thing that you can do i take your glucose tests at a minimun of 4 times a day. Take it when you dont feel right. Just be responsible with your control and you should have any more problems. When your sugars are out of control your body starts shuting down the ‘non’ important things to feed the brain.

  2. ^ Not a cure per say, but keeping your glucose (sugar) levels under control can help.

    Your doctor can prescribe medication for impotence. Don’t take anything including over the counter remedies without your doctors knowledge, it might interact with your other medications.

    I have listed two sites that can go into more detail, I hope this helps. Good Luck.

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