Can phimosis affect erection?

Concern by Johnny: Can phimosis impact erection?
i have a slight circumstance of phimosis and i feel its influencing my erection.
im not capable to get rock reliable. can getting phimosis influence the high quality of an erection

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  1. Depending on the severity of the condition – yes – it can. See a Urologist for evaluation. (Embarrassment is NOT FATAL)

  2. Yes, of course! Any discomfort will hamper your erection. That’s why come cultures circumcise ALL boys at birth so that ALL boys will be able to get on with the job when their time comes. Saves a lot of remedial repair work at mating time.

  3. No i don’t think so. Only if it so restrictive that interferes with full erection and causes pain, as your penis trays to erect more but pressing against your restriction (phimosis) causes pain and You lose your arousal. You should see as soon as possible an urologist to get a prescription cream and start stretching the opening of your foreskin in the shower. Please do not get circumcised if the doctor suggests to, but get a second opinion. Since you did not mentioned your age if You are very young like 11 You do not have to do anything, it is normal just pull it back a little bit every day in the shower.Some boys can pull it back when they are 4 y/o but others only when they are 18 y/o.
    We are all very different, so please check the internet and inform yourself, i suggest and just punch in “phimosis”.

  4. If it is not effecting your job for doing the “real things” , it is consider ok .
    The quality of the erection is depend , if you are tired , stress , it won’t be very hard.
    If it is really bothering you then you need to see a urologist for solution.

  5. Phimosis is an infection of the foreskin and is actually quite rare.

    If you merely have a slightly tight foreskin this is common in puberty bekoz the penis grows and then foreskin stretches to catch up,

    This usually resolves by time you are 16.

    I had this myself and No it does not affect erection.

    Getting “rock solid” quite different from phimosis.
    All sorts of things can cause this.
    Like very frequent orgasms
    Like having cold
    Like stress
    Depression ?

    Stop worrying. Get a gf.

  6. Pretty unlikely.

    The reason I say that is that you probably do not realise that you have erections every night, for much of the night. If your foreskin is tight and will not retract when you have an erection, then it simply *grows* as you grow, to make enough space for your erection. the erection is (generally) stronger than the tight foreskin, and the foreskin simply stretches to fit. If it does not get wide enough to slip over the erection, it just gets longer instead.

    So, if you do not get a full erection “on demand” (which does not necessarily mean that you do not do so while you are asleep – there are various little tricks for testing this such as using sticky tape and paper), there is going to be some *other* reason.

    There is a really good discussion board (the source below) dedicated to this sort of question, giving answers in some detail.

    Please note however that it is not strictly in the “Q & A” format like this site. The thing to do is to *read* through the discussion, each thread from at least half a dozen of the “index” pages (ten threads each), so you get a good idea of the explanations given. If after doing that, you still have a question about your particular situation, by all means post it, but please do the reading – and have a good think about it – first.

    Oh, one other thing. Do be careful – on this and some related subjects Wikipedia, while offering a plausible discussion of various aspects, is *very* dangerous due to certain trolls who wield influence.

  7. Go get circumcised and you won’t have any more problems. I was finally circumcised on my 18th birthday and can assure you there is no downside. There is no loss of sensitivity and it is not mutilation, that is just anti propaganda. Being circumcised is much cleaner (uncut can wash 3x a day and still have an odor), it is much healthier (one reason the CDC is coming out in favor of circing all American males), it is better looking (that’s a no brainer) and it improves sexual function. I have 3 sons (4,2 and 7mo) and had no hesitation what so ever to have them circumcised. I know there is no downside, only a lifetime of benefits. There is nothing good about being uncut!

  8. Phimosis doesn’t affect erection quality, but it is something you need to try to fix. 9 times out of 10 this problem can be fixed with stretching or a steroid cream which you can get from your doctor.

    This site contains phimosis stretching instructions:

    Be disciplined and patient as it may take a few weeks to see any improvement from the stretching. If that doesn’t help then you’d need to see your doctor. Ask him for a topical steroid cream, which will really help loosen the tight foreskin.

    This website has some more general advice:

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