Erectile Dysfunction?

Concern by Coolin: Erectile Dysfunction?
Hello guys, i’m sixteen a long time aged and I consider im suffering from erectile dysfunction. I consider its owing to my masturbation habit which I did as soon as a day. But just a few days ago considering that its all around the xmas time I dipped into the egg nog and received a small ” excitement.” I dont know if this is due to my masturbation or the alcohol. I have seasoned this as soon as prior to but then I just stopped masturbating for a number of times and my erection came back. But im nevertheless anxious. Please support!

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Response by Idontwantmynameshown
properly initial, booze do not aid with receiving it up.. can make it a lot more hard
2nd masturbation is fully wholesome and wouldn’t influence you
may well just be efficiency nervousness.. try out soothing

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  1. odds are you don’t actually have erectile dysfunction due to how young you are.but i don’t know.people are getting erectile dysfunction at younger and younger ages these days due to steroids and stuff they put in food.its happened to me before but in a couple days im usually normal ag

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