does low dose of propranolol cause impotence?

Query by bk: does minimal dose of propranolol trigger impotence? I want to know if getting a reduced dose of propranolol (10 mgr) leads to impotence and incapacity to obtain erection or premature ejaculation. thank you. Very best reply: Response by ♥ lani sPropanolol is 1 of the medication that induces erectile dysfunction. In standard […]

What would cause a sudden loss in a man’s libido/erection?

Issue by ConfusedX10: What would trigger a sudden decline in a man’s libido/erection? Has anyones boyfriend or partner seasoned a unexpected loss in his ability to get or keep an erection, assuming every thing is good among you?? My boyfriend, who is forty two, is in fantastic form and has never ever experienced this dilemma […]

I have been plagued with erectile dysfunction for about the last year. What can cause this?

Concern by Shadow Gentleman: I have been plagued with erectile dysfunction for about the previous year. What can cause this? I get aroused but can not get it challenging enough for intercourse. Viagra used to help but now it isn’t going to operate any a lot more. I have been considering the penile “balloon” implant. […]

Which of these medications are most likely to cause erectile dysfunction?

Concern by TurtlePower: Which of these medications are most very likely to lead to erectile dysfunction? I have been put on a cocktail of tramadol Vicodin And Ativan. 1 of these is causing me erectile dysfunction. Which one is most very likely? Ativan is the 1 I just take the most. And if I stopped […]

Can large amounts of sex cause future erectile dysfunction?

Concern by Purple Moon seven: Can massive amounts of intercourse trigger foreseeable future erectile dysfunction? So these days a good friend told me that big quantities of intercourse can guide to future erectile dysfunction. I was pondering if this was truly true? My boyfriend and I have a lot of intercourse when I am not […]