does dragon male formula actually help with low libido and erectile dysfunction?

Issue by Hugh: does dragon male system in fact aid with reduced libido and erectile dysfunction? i listened to about this chinese herbal potion called dragon male method and was just wondering if this solution experienced comparable effects that viagra has when it arrive to e.d. Many thanks! Best solution: Solution by BarcodeAttempt this instead: […]

Erection problem pls help?

Question by kHaled: Erection difficulty pls assist? Hi, I am 17 years previous. I do not have a girlfriend so I went to have sex with a prostitute. Every little thing was good that day, before that day I acquired an erection obtaining near to a lady but when I went to have sexual intercourse […]

what foods r vitamins help with impotence?

Query by mark: what food items r natural vitamins support with impotence? m44 Ideal solution: Reply by Ang LeeSignificant deficiency of the steel zinc is intended to lead to impotence. Foodstuff wealthy in zinc are meat & offal, eggs, milk, oysters, lentils, wheat germ, nuts, crab, chicken. Zinc has helpful outcomes on the creation of […]

my man he needs erection help?

Concern by essies: my gentleman he wants erection aid? i adore my gentleman so significantly he has erection difficulty and am disparately hunting for assist simply because he wont go for support and he continually denies it every single time we are having sexual intercourse it finishes up prematurely since his penis softens ahead of […]

Any over the counter male product to help you get ready for round 2 quicker?

Issue by Bobby: Any over the counter male solution to assist you get prepared for round 2 a lot quicker? Title states it all, any male solution that can be purchased at a retailer where soon after the act, it helps you get up yet again faster for round 2? Thanks. Yeah I used Viagra […]

Will watching porn help a man with erectile dysfunction more than just his partner can?

Question by LadyVito: Will seeing porn assist a gentleman with erectile dysfunction more than just his associate can? I am 36 relationship a fifty yr outdated man with erectile dysfunction. Is it regular with this healthcare problem for him to need porn to be stimulated? Greatest answer: Reply by insightful24u need to have u a […]

Can red korean ginseng really help with erectile dysfunction?

Concern by blutoadmirer: Can crimson korean ginseng genuinely assist with erectile dysfunction? Read that this could support but the post experienced some other adverts at the finish of it so not certain if it was legit or just one more rip-off like the smiling bob advertisements. Greatest answer: Reply by WazirRelies upon on trigger of […]