penis erection problem?

Query by dukesta: penis erection dilemma? i was suppose to have a wonderful time with my girlfriend throughout the weekend, but when it arrived to the sexual intercourse component i could not get an erection or the erection was not that firm to place on the condom. so it in no way truly took place. […]

Is it possible to have an erection for a longer time after using a penis pump?

Concern by jason t: Is it achievable to have an erection for a for a longer time time following employing a penis pump? I have located that erections are not as very good even though using a penis pump,also i seem to arrive as well fast right after the use.Its is also not as difficult […]

Is it true Viagra and erection for extended periods of time can have an effect on penis size after a while?

Question by Jenny B: Is it correct Viagra and erection for prolonged periods of time can have an result on penis dimension following a although? Ideal response: Answer by dishantbt05It is proved and accept by most of males who utilizes the viagra. Now athletics males are making use of to enhance there stamina……..

sexual ability & impotence! what happens to the penis after long time of having sex?

Issue by Truth Giver: sexual capability & impotence! what happens to the penis soon after prolonged time of possessing sex? at times I hear that ladies get upset and keep nagging simply because her husband’s penis is not operating appropriately. like erection problems, or it cums so fast or I never know… what tends to […]

Do herbal supplements really increase your penis size?

Concern by Nate: Do herbal nutritional supplements actually improve your penis dimensions? I get that items such as Extenze are a hoax. But I am speaking about bottles of ginseng, yohimbe, damiana, and ginkgo biloba pills that you would get at the well being shop or what ever: they are not listed as male improvement […]

Do penis pills actually work? Are they a miracle or a scam?

Concern by Connor: Do penis pills really operate? Are they a miracle or a fraud? I have noticed many commercials online and in the way back of magazines. Are these intended “Wonder pills” genuine or just massive high-priced scam. If they did work everyone on the earth would have a seven-nine inch penis! Has anybody […]