Can phimosis affect erection?

Concern by Johnny: Can phimosis impact erection? i have a slight circumstance of phimosis and i feel its influencing my erection. im not capable to get rock reliable. can getting phimosis influence the high quality of an erection Ideal solution: Solution by AlieEffectively probably i can help you out … We ought to chat … […]

Can Phimosis Increase Impotence In Men?

Issue by Joseph Doyel: Can Phimosis Increase Impotence In Guys? Greatest answer: Response by JimPhimosis does not usually lead to impotence. It can occasionally trigger discomfort in the course of intercourse which can cause someone to unfastened their erection. Most of the time phimosis can be corrected by persistent carefully stretching. Prescription cortisone lotions (betamethasone) […]