Why can Viagra make a man hard ?How long does it take for a 30-year-old guy to get hard after taking Viagra?

Query by : Why can Viagra make a gentleman tough ?How long does it consider for a thirty-yr-aged male to get tough right after getting Viagra? How long can the hardness keep ? Are there any medicines which are substitutes of Viagra? Does Viagra have side outcomes? Greatest reply: Answer by lestermountThe drug operates by […]

How much Sildenafil (erectile disfunction med) should i take ?

Issue by Candyman: How significantly Sildenafil (erectile disfunction med) should i take ? I have experienced erectile problems for as prolonged as I can keep in mind… most of the time I never want something, but other instances I do simply because I can by no means get an erection with out some severe stimulation […]

Is it unhealthy to take Silagra (Sildenafil 25 mg) daily ? Anyone with experience may share the knowledge.?

Issue by gunetilake: Is it harmful to consider Silagra (Sildenafil 25 mg) every day ? Anyone with expertise may possibly share the understanding.? I am 52 a long time beneath medication for diabetes type II and higher blood strain. Ideal reply: Answer by BoltWas it recommended that way? In not, then you need to talk […]

what to take for erectile dysfunction that dont need a rx for?

Issue by Mopeps: what to get for erectile dysfunction that dont require a rx for? im in my mid 30’s Best reply: Reply by BoroExcel is very successful, it is a herbal based mostly nutritional dietary supplement which includes some crops, amino acids and natural vitamins that have been investigated and located to restore erectile […]

Why would a top Republican take Viagra to a poor Caribbean island?

Concern by LIsa H: Why would a prime Republican consider Viagra to a bad Caribbean island? Hurry was caught with unlawful doses of Viagra that were not prescribed to him on his return from the Dominican Republic. I have in no way listened to the true context of the incident. Is not there a good […]

is it permissible to take Viagra in 30 consecutive day to have sex?

Question by MOHAMMAD: is it permissible to get Viagra in thirty consecutive day to have intercourse? i am 30 many years previous and i have erection dilemma.i cant maintain my erection agency ample to penetrate during sexual intercourse. my girlfriend is living absent from me and i have only a single thirty day period trip […]

Can women take viagra that is prescribed for men? I wonder what would happen?

Issue by Angie A: Can women just take viagra that is approved for men? I surprise what would occur? Is it safe for ladies to get viagra? I tried looking for details but all that exhibits up is buying them and not just questioning about it. Can any individual reply my query? Ideal solution: Response […]