Is there correlation between circumcision and demand for viagra?

Query by Purple Moogle: Is there correlation among circumcision and desire for viagra? I’m not going to jump to conclusions and say that correlation equals causation, but from what I have read through, countries that exercise circumcision seem to be the ones where viagra is in greater desire. Does anyone know if there have been […]

Are there any Herbal supplements for e.d. that work?

Concern by Blues Lover: Are there any Organic health supplements for e.d. that work? I have tried a number of natural health supplements for erectile dysfunction to no avail. Has any individual attempted 1 that genuinely works? If so which one particular? Greatest solution: Solution by Nielsen CruyfTry ProSolution… it’s rated as number 1… For […]

Is there a natural remedy or safe alternative to increase a persons sex drive?

Question by BlackDahlia: Is there a all-natural treatment or safe alternative to enhance a folks sex push? I’m not talking about impotence, just escalating the wish to have sex at first. Acquiring there is the dilemma, not sustaining an erection or ending. Greatest answer: Reply by DJ AlskiFunction enjoying assists

Are there any herbal medicines to take that treat sexual dysfunction caused by psychological/emotional stress?

Query by Addicted to Yahoo! Responses: Are there any herbal medications to consider that take care of sexual dysfunction caused by psychological/psychological anxiety? I am conversing about sexual dysfunction, impotency, and so on., what ever you want to phone it triggered by no physical reason. Greatest reply: Response by cutseypututaypie88yea ACAI BERRY

Men, are there any over the counter or home remedies for erectile dysfunction that actually work?

Query by Anna:Marie ツ: Guys, are there any in excess of the counter or house treatments for erectile dysfunction that truly function? My boyfriend has been possessing some issues in this office and he is as well ashamed to go and speak to a physician about it. Do you have any suggestions for above-the-counter pills […]

what ED remedy is there for man with glaucoma?

Concern by Sweetloverinthenight: what ED cure is there for gentleman with glaucoma? It is composed tha sildenafil citrate which is the major ingredient in medicine such as Viagra, also raises intra occular pressure, not wanting to free sight since of marital obligations, how do I remedy the bottome without inflicting permant hurt to my vision […]

Is there a natural remedy to erectile dysfunction due to Type 1 Diabetes?

Issue by Jason D: Is there a natural cure to erectile dysfunction due to Type 1 Diabetes? I am possessing troubles getting and maintaining an erection. I think that this condotion has arisen owing to haveing Sort 1 Diabetic issues. I do not want to just take Viagra every time I want to have intercourse. […]

Are there any other men with impotence who damaged their sexaul functioning during sexual activity?

Question by jim s: Are there any other gentlemen with impotence who broken their sexaul performing in the course of sexual activity? I am specific that I broken my sexual purpose at age 19 for the duration of sexual exercise. I now have impotence, which I imagine is owing to nerve hurt I sustained that […]