How to treat, overcome or cure a weak erection from over-masturbation?

Issue by Guernsey P: How to handle, overcome or heal a weak erection from above-masturbation? I use to masturbate a lot in teenage many years but today I am just lucky to have a powerful erection. I study somewhere that in excess of masturbation (though I forgot some of the information) can make specific nerves […]

Are there any herbal medicines to take that treat sexual dysfunction caused by psychological/emotional stress?

Query by Addicted to Yahoo! Responses: Are there any herbal medications to consider that take care of sexual dysfunction caused by psychological/psychological anxiety? I am conversing about sexual dysfunction, impotency, and so on., what ever you want to phone it triggered by no physical reason. Greatest reply: Response by cutseypututaypie88yea ACAI BERRY

what food or herbal medicine could treat erectile dysfunction?

Concern by racjr4777: what food or organic drugs could deal with erectile dysfunction? I masterbate often thats why I have this ailment and Im nevertheless young Im nevertheless 20 at age hope you will help and answer seriosly my query. Greatest solution: Solution by Joachin MurrietaThere are no foodstuff and/or herbs to handle ED. At […]

How much Rhodiola Rosea is efficient to stop / treat premature ejaculation ?

Issue by M: How significantly Rhodiola Rosea is successful to stop / treat premature ejaculation ? Hi, Right here is a element of a exciting research about that plant : “In an open study, 26 out of 35 males with erectile dysfunction and/or premature ejaculation (of 1-twenty years period) responded to R. rosea (a hundred […]

How to treat impotence with herbs?

Question by Roland: How to take care of impotence with herbs? I am wondering how you can handle impotence with herbs? Natural vitamins? I am over forty six and I have dysfunctions. Thank you. Ideal reply: Reply by fredasitaBefore attempting any herbs seek the advice of a physician. But of course herbs may possibly help […]