whats the difference between impotence and erectile dysfunction?

Issue by solowrek: whats the difference in between impotence and erectile dysfunction? Best response: Reply by c’mon, cliffyIt’s the identical point. Erectile dysfunction is just the new sanitized name that came out close to the very same time as viagra. Cuz gentlemen are alright with getting “E.D.” but no one would like to be “impotent.”

Viagra is for men whats for women?

Query by BLKBELT1: Viagra is for men whats for women? If a male has a tough time getting it up he employs viagra. What variety of tablet does a lady use to get herself going? Best response: Response by jimbobviagra also works for females, viagra isn’t really a drug specifically for the penis, it merely […]

What’s the difference between using a penis extender with and without enlargement pills?

Question by Jake: What is the big difference between utilizing a penis extender with and with out enlargement pills? # Do not answer if your answer doesn’t aid this lead to, I don’t want to hear about how “penis enlargement doesn’t operate”######### I prepare to use a penis extender and I am asking yourself if […]

Whats the best kind of erection pills?

Issue by silent killa: Whats the greatest type of erection pills? im searching for the fastest operating erection pills i favor ordering online from someplace like ebay or amazon Very best answer: Solution by dinesh kI never know how previous you are! Effectively getting and keeping erection is a natural method, however sustaining erection for […]

BESIDES VIAGRA whats a safe erection pill thats good?

Query by Wolfpak: Aside from VIAGRA whats a safe erection tablet thats good? i have trouble receiving an erection when tryna have sexual intercourse is there any great erection pills aside from viagra the cause being because viagra has tons of facet influences and can be damaging thanks guys recognize it quite a lot Best […]

What’s the most important newly-discovered drug or medicine in this century?

Query by Loenla T: What is the most essential freshly-identified drug or medicine in this century? I feel last century’s breakthroughs were penicillin of late 1920s, tetracycline of nineteen fifties and sildenafil citrate (viagra) of late nineteen nineties. Ideal reply: Response by jimmalt liquor