What do you advise for sexual impotence?

Question by getuteka: What do you recommend for sexual impotence?
no ideal erection

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Reply by toiletspluggedagain
look at tv for 5 minutes
see advertisement for viagra
buy some?

One thought on “What do you advise for sexual impotence?

  1. i think its important to first figure out if it is clinical impotence or impotence is caused as a side effect( it may be fear of under performing,bad experiences or may be even an headache:)). if it is clinical go for drugs and also visit a sexologist together as a couple.
    if it is not clinical may try opening a very frank dialogue,no holds barred.share what turns each other on,may
    be try different things,may be watch porn together whatever works for u.
    it is important to know that there are solutions to this problem and like anyother sickness appraoch it with care and compassion.
    come on, man can send a dog to space the list we could do is “pony up” a limp dick!!!

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